Two students launch an E-toilet initiative in Ranikhet

New Delhi, October 20, 2018 – While on a trek in a remote village of Ranikhet, Karam Amrit Singh and Keerat Singh, students of Shri Ram School, visited various schools and were shocked to witness the poor sanitary conditions of the schools. Largely moved by the lack of basic necessities in schools, these students took a self-appointed responsibility to provide healthier and hygienic E-toilets to the pupils of these schools. An initiative they called KICK ( Keep it clean kids) Manufactured by Eram Scientific, first E-toilet was set up by the boys in  September of 2017 at a high school in Pali, Ghaniyadholi. Following the success of their first undertaking, second E-toilet was set in April of 2018 at Rajkiya Primary Paathshala in Manari. Their initiative was widely appreciated and welcomed by the first school, while they struggled to find their way out of the second.

Karam Amrit Singh, when asked about the initiative, commented, “E-toilets have many advantages over the conventional toilets. The portable steel toilets come with self-cleaning and washing mechanisms thereby ensuring that space remains hygienic and infection free. Another striking feature is the eco-friendly nature of these toilets. They are solar powered and use only 1.5 liters of water, unlike other toilets. They are made to perfection with wash basins, hangers, and faucets.”

About KICK ( Keep it clean Kids)

Kick aims to provide a clean, safe, healthy and sustainable environment for children in two villages of Uttarakhand. Our desire is to protect the modesty of the Girlchild. A sensitive, caring atmosphere is our larger Goal. We realize our Dream can be crafted by our own hands.


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