SMARTup & Family Office Summit Present The Angel Investing Masterclass

In recent years Angel Investing has become one of the most talked about avenues, yet it remains shrouded in mystery. Yet there is definitely a method to the madness. That is what this masterclass will begin to uncover.

Angel investing has its own perspective and methodologies for success. The masterclass will cover a variety of topics related to successful angel investing, starting from what to look for in an opportunity, how to evaluate, how to understand, how to protect your interests and how to build a performing portfolio.

Dive into this absorbing subject and understand the intricacies than with some of the country’s most prolific angels and a legal advisor who has spent years engaging with the exciting world of early stage startups and its innumerable complexities. So get ready to dive into a different world, steady your mind and jump in.

Masterclass By

Harshad Lahoti

Anisha Patnaik


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